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Hayden Vonbargen




Hayden Vonbargen of Chehalis, WA, is a dedicated and hard-working young man. He graduated from Adna High School in Adna, WA, in 2017 and now fills his time with a variety of jobs and activities. Hayden has always been athletic, and he loves every opportunity to get outside and stay active.

Currently, Hayden Vonbargen’s primary job is working as a UPS Truck Loader. His first experience working with UPS was in 2021 when he took a job as a UPS Driver Helper during the holiday season. He enjoyed working with several different drivers to help them deliver their packages every week. Since March of 2022, he’s been serving as Truck Loader, helping load packages of a variety of sizes before the drivers head out for deliveries. This is a fast-paced environment that requires focus and significant physical effort.

When he isn’t working with UPS, Hayden Vonbarger also enjoys using his time to give back and serve his community. He is passionate about being kind and loves getting to use his skills and talents to help others. One way that he does this is by performing yardwork and other hard-labor chores for an elderly family member, keeping their lawn in good condition and reducing the homeowner’s stress. Additionally, he has been a frequent volunteer for the Washington Trail Association since 2021. There, Hayden uses machinery to help move trail maintenance supplies, has helped build a footbridge, and has helped manage several events and trips. Hayden loves hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery in Washington, and this volunteer opportunity has given him many opportunities to share that love with others.

In his free time, Hayden Vonbargen enjoys a variety of sports. He participated in track and cross country in high school, and his love for running has persisted into adulthood. He still regularly participates in events such as half marathons and 10Ks when he has the opportunity. Some of the races he has participated in have included Run the Ridge in Shelton, WA, and the Great Olympic Adventure Trail races in Port Angeles. Come wintertime, Hayden also enjoys going snowboarding.

Hayden Vonbargen also enjoys listening to music and watching professional sports, particularly the Seattle Seahawks football team. He is particularly inspired by Tyler Lockett, a wide receiver with an impressive career thus far despite injuries and other challenges. In terms of his music tastes, Hayden’s favorite artists include Eminem and Macklemore.

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